No location is too big or too small.  Single family homes to industrial warehouses to the Empire State Building & Citi Field.  We handle it all.

Process & Evaluation

Every job, no matter how big or small, deserves total attention.  The process always begins with an evaluation, either in person or a virtual walk through, to determine the proper method of cleaning.  We DO NOT use a "One Size Fits All" method of cleaning.  Over the last half century we have found the best ways to perfect our trade is to take each individual unit and assess the variables.  Cleaning your system then becomes our #1 goal and our technicians are thoroughly trained and capable of doing so.  The process ends when the job is complete and our customer is 100% satisfied.

Air Cooled Condensers

Blower Wheels


Coils Internally & Externally

Condenser Rodding

Cooling Coils

Drain Lines, & Pumps

Dry Coolers

Ductless Evaps

Fin Straightening

Intake Screens

Pipe Flushing

Plate Heat Exchangers

Unit Plenum Areas

Water Cooled Condensers

Every task begins with an evaluation.  Whether it is a scheduled inspection or a simple coil cleaning, our technician's first course of action is to assess the situation entirely.  Visit our Coil Cleaning page for more information.


Cooling Tower Services

Cleaning, Sanitation, & Certification

Proper maintenance is a must to keep your system running efficiently.  Cleaning your cooling tower should be done at a minimum of twice per year.  Our Project Managers can meet with you to discuss a cleaning schedule and regiment that will best suit your needs.  After each cleaning, we document the process and certify the tower to have been cleaned.  Tower cleanliness certifications are in accordance with local and state legislation.

Cleaning & Disinfection

Cleaning Certification

Mist Eliminator Replacement

Tower Fill Replacement

Protective Coatings


One of our NADCA certified Project Managers will review all aspects of the work to be performed and determine the process that is best suited.  Single unit residences to the Empire State Building, we do it all.

Air/Ref is a NADCA member with certified Project Managers, Supervisors, & Technicians.